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Free Consultancy

We recognise that many new entrepreneurs require a helping hand in staffing their business. The Student Economy wishes to provide a free consultancy service for new start-ups on all aspects of entrepreneurship and continue a personal relationship with businesses and business owners as they develop.

In the spirit of collaboration, we aim to provide guidance, ideas and contacts to help you to develop you business and give opportunities for you to help and guide others.

How we can help

We have experience in corporate finance, business strategy, improving performance, business restructuring, benchmarking, financial and commercial due diligence, risk management and project management. But ultimately, those are just a load of fancy corporate buzzwords to most people. Where we can really help is to analyse your business or business idea and help you to decide which direction to take your business by giving you a wealth of new and viable ideas. We also have a vast array of contacts and potential mentors who have experience in all walks of business and international business who can help you get going in the right direction.

A typical consultancy engagement would follow the process below:

1. Problem Definition – what are you having trouble with?

Problem Definition is where we discuss your business, why you started, what you hope to achieve and the problems you are facing.

2. Goal Statement – where would you like to take your business?

Goal Statement feeds off the previous stage and allows you set clear goals that must be achieved to allow your business to develop.

3. Goal Execution – how do you do it?

Goal Execution will help you to facilitate how you execute your goals and will also provide contacts and mentors who can get you going.

There really isn’t anything to lose, so if you’d like a chat about your business, then please contact us on and we will set up a call.

Looking forward to hearing from you!